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What Do You Believe About Yourself?


How Baby Elephants Are Trained

Elephants in captivity are trained, at an early age, not to roam. One leg of a baby elephant is tied with a rope to a wooden post planted in the ground.

The rope confines the baby elephant to an area determined by the length of the rope. Initially the baby elephant tries to break free from the rope, but the rope is too strong.

The baby elephant "learns" that it can't break the rope.

When the elephant grows up and is strong, it could easily break the same rope. But because it "learned" that it couldn't break the rope when it was young, the adult elephant believes that it still can't break the rope, so it doesn't even try!

Humans operate in a similar way. We learned something about ourselves at an early age and still believe it as an adult. Even though it may not be true, we operate as if it is.

Fortunately, humans are born with the ability to make conscious choices - an important step in changing how you perceive yourself.

Now use the Self-Esteem-Experts What I Believe Worksheet to uncover the beliefs you learned when you were young that continue to influence your self esteem. Then ask yourself if these beliefs support or hinder you in increasing your self esteem.

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Walking My Dog 
It might seem like a boring activity to the ordinary person, but to somebody like me, it's quite a challenge. I have been living with mild to moderate …

I visualize myself how I want to be, and I say positive affirmations that complement me.

Running and exercise 
Running and doing exercise lifts the mood and makes me feel great !

Helping others 
Helping someone in need and seeing their sad eyes turn into a huge smile and their hearts into a world of hope.

Why ? 
I think I can be a great person, I think that I have the ability to become successful. But I think only, I don't have the desire to do it. Note from …

Josie Ortiz 
Usually what I do is I tell myself I am not my feelings I am not my emotions. Even though I can have them, they cant have me.

Writing stories based on fiction.

Reading the bible and Church 
Going to church, bible study, preaching the word of God.

Weight Exercise 
When I go to the gym to do weight training, I can do impressive weight for a girl of my size and athletic training. I love doing lower body workouts because …

personal inventory- the good, bad and ugly 
I know a few things that I am good at but mostly I see bad things because this comes from a life of rejection. I know this and I know that my self esteem …

An Affirmation List  
I wrote an Affirmation List. In this list, I wrote down things I believe in, things, I Stand for, things I want to achieve, and the person I want to become. …

Dancing Wildly! 
I absolutely love dancing wildly to music, whether it be in a car or out on the dance floor. If I am in good company with my closest girlfriend(s), then …

The Most Important Person in the World! 
This was an activity I did with my 1st and 2nd graders at the beginning of the school year to boost their self-esteem from the start. I sat at the front …

I think of one good quality that I am proud of when I look in the mirror - whether its my eyes or make up or even my nail polish (it can be the smallest …

Writing a weekly list of "Gratitude, Compliments and Achievements" 
Growing up in fear from an abusive family member; and the stress of being responsible as the eldest of eight siblings - the result was years of torment …

Chatting Online with Friends. 
I chat to several friends online, and am part of a chatroom.

What I'm Proud Of! 
I made a list, on a 3x5 card of what I am most proud of in my life. Some of the items on my list are: my relationship I have with my children, my openess …

Hip Hop ABS Not rated yet
I complete this excerise in the AM before I go to work. It is amazing and I get pumped up for the day. I feel wonderful and energized both mentally and …

Exchanging positive Affirmations Not rated yet
Affirmations can address negative thinking a common feature of struggles with one's self esteem. A list of common affirmations is distributed. Patients …

drawing Not rated yet
I draw anime characters from yugioh and other series

Journal Not rated yet
I've always been told to write every little thing down in a journal and then make a list of what I like and don't like about myself. Next to the things …

Playing the Guitar and Drums Not rated yet
Whenever I'm feeling down I play my guitar, just to let it all out. After playing, most of the time I feel really relieved, as though all the stress is …

Inspiring Messages - Make a Summary Not rated yet
When I'm reading books and other short articles, whatever I find pleasant I write down one sentence that was meaningful for me. Then almost everyday I …

Bookmark Not rated yet
With middle school students I prepare a sheet with many different positive / desirable characteristics. Students write their name on theirs, and on the …

Reading Not rated yet
I love reading because I want always to grasp the opportunity when I find a book to read and know everything within. I want to know and learn about everything. …

Reading motivation books and articals in internet Not rated yet
I read books and articles related to self improvement to motivate my self to move forward in life.

Looking in the mirror Not rated yet
Grab a dry erase marker and write all the things you like about yourself in the mirror. You can leave them there if you choose. Every morning when you …

jungle traking Not rated yet
Every day i like walking in jungle tracking.I like walking in jungle ,up and down hills. This gives me confidence to move forward to do better in life, …

working out Not rated yet
When I work out I feel like I'm doing something good for myself. I listen to music while doing cardio on the treadmill or bicycle, also lifting weights …

Public Speaking Not rated yet
As a member of a Toastmasters Club, I have learned to get up and deliver a prepared speech in front of a group of people. I have also learned to get up …

Listening to nice music in my bedroom Not rated yet
Quiet, probably dark, me laying on the bed with my cell phone,listening to my favorite songs allowing the great music to take me away!

Strenuous Physical Activity Not rated yet
I do an hour of walk, jog or walking outside, swimming, etc. outside. When I feel good I am happy.

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