Body Image and Self Esteem -
How Are They Connected?

Body Image and Self Esteem Are Connected

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Body Image and Self Esteem are interconnected. Your self esteem is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. Your body image is based on how you see yourself and how you believe others see you.

Although everyone can always seem to find some fault in how they look, in general when you feel good about your body, your self esteem improves.

Joan and Susyn, the co-creators of have certainly experienced self esteem and body image problems in their lives. Joan being very tall (6'1") and having red hair and freckles was always picked on, from the time she was a child, and never felt good about the way she looked and ultimately grew up having low self esteem. Susyn, with unruly curly hair and having to where corrective shoes though middle school was always surrounded by very pretty friends which led her to be highly judgmental of her body. 

But on their personal self esteem journeys, they have each discovered how to love their bodies and in the process boost their self esteem. They are committed to share what has worked for them to help you.

Let's begin with the major influences on body image and self esteem:

  • Media's Influence on Body Image:  It is vital that you understand how you are influenced by the media. This is a very hot topic these days. Through television, movies, social media and magazines you are constantly being fed images that are false - have been photo-shopped and touched up - that ultimately have you feeling inadequate. Bombarded with this misinformation you go out into the world believing that your body is less than the cultural norms of beauty, attractiveness and desirability.
  • Diet and Exercise:  Whether you want to lose or gain weight or set the course for a healthier lifestyle exercise and the foods you eat have a direct effect on how you feel about yourself. This section will explore diet and exercise routines that have worked for Joan and Susyn.

  • Re-Branding Your Style:  There is no question that when you look good, you feel attractive and you feel better about yourself . Looking good has a direct correlation to how you feel and ultimately your body image and self esteem are boosted. This section will help you focus on finding your ideal style so that when you go out in the world you feel more confident.
  • Changing Your Internal Messages:  When you look in the mirror what do you say to yourself? Are your words judgmental or complimentary? This section focuses on retraining your brain so you are nourishing a loving relationship with yourself.
  • Support:  As with any change, a community of support is vital whether this is one close friend, a coach, a trusted family member or a support group. In this section we will guide you in helping you create a supportive environment so that your body image and self esteem are positive.