Define Body Image

When you define body image as what you believe and what you assume others believe about how you look you can see that there is a direct relationship between your body image and your self esteem.

When you feel good about your body and have a positive body image, your self esteem is high; when you are negative, critical and judgmental of how you look, you suffer from low self esteem.

The beliefs you have about yourself play a major role in whether or not you have a loving relationship with your body.

When your I'm not enough-ness, in the form of thoughts and words that sound like, I'm not thin enough, I'm not pretty enough, I'm not handsome enough, I'm not attractive enough are your default brain pathways, that you may or may not be conscious of, you are doomed to experience a constant battle between your mind and your body.

Remember:  Be your body’s friend and supporter, not its enemy.  And define body image through the eyes of healthy, vibrant self esteem.

Now there is a practical way to learn how to appreciate and love your natural beauty. It’s a fascinating concept taught by Carol Tuttle, creator of Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth.

 Messages that Define Body Image

What is your dominant thought pattern? Understanding your thought patterns and how the brain works provides a frame of reference for improving your self esteem. Before proceeding further please read about how the brain works.

Negative Body Image is characterized by these thoughts and feelings:

  • You have a distorted perception of your shape--you perceive parts of your body unlike they really are. You are never satisfied with the way you look.
  • You are convinced that only other people are attractive and that your body size, shape or appearance is a sign of personal failure.
  • You feel ashamed, self-conscious, and anxious about your body.

Distorted Messaging: You look in the mirror and the self talk you hear is: I am too fat, my stomach is huge, I am ugly. Or…some variation of I am not pretty, handsome or good looking or young enough or So & So is better looking than me.

 Positive Body Image Characteristics:

  • You have a clear, true perception of your shape--you see the various parts of your body as they really are.
  • You celebrate and appreciate your natural body shape and you understand that a person’s physical appearance doesn’t mean that they are a bad or unworthy person.
  • You feel proud and accepting of your unique body and refuse to spend an unreasonable amount of time worrying about food, weight, and calories. You are at peace with your body.
  • You feel comfortable and confident in your body.

Healthy MessagingI am worthy, I am significant, I am valuable I am powerful, I am handsome/gorgeous, I am healthy. I love my body. I look good.


How to Change Your Messaging

An effective way to define body image is to change your  brain messaging - the software of your mind - we recommend using a vision board.  Please follow this link to learn about vision boards.

We also recommend using the Mind Manual System. This a 21 day course is a powerful program that will transform your beliefs about yourself.

We have many exercises and worksheets on this site that will help you re-define your body image. We recommend the following:

In addition we highly recommend our Special Report: THE SECRETS OF BEHAVIOR CHANGE - This will boost your expertise in nourishing a positive body image

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