Overcoming Low Self Esteem
Special Report: Secrets of Behavior Change

Overcoming low self esteem is a choice. Understanding and using the Secrets of Behavior Change combined with our self esteem activities and exercises will produce dramatic RESULTS in your self esteem and confidence.

The 13 Secrets of Behavior Change

    1. You are responsible for what you think, feel and how you behave. YOU HAVE A CHOICE to accept this responsibility or abdicate it. Either way it is a choice – your choice. You are the author of your life and your mindset directly influences your destiny.

    Learn how to change your mindset - SECRET 6

    2. IT IS NOT the events in your life that “cause” you to feel a particular way, for instance: sad, angry, upset, happy, content or loving. It is what you think, feel and believe about the event, your interpretation and definition, that is the “cause” of your feelings.

    Learn how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are formed - SECRET 7

    3. Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your behavior and your behavior reinforces your thoughts.

      Here’s an Example:

      You arrive late to a party. As you approach a group of friends you notice that they abruptly stop talking. Your automatic thought is, ‘I bet they were talking about me’ and you automatically feel self conscious and hurt. Driven by your feelings you immediately make-up an excuse to leave the party.

      Your thought: I bet they were talking about me; your feeling: self consciousness and hurt and your behavior: making up an excuse and leaving the party is actually reinforcing a long-held belief that, ‘People don’t like me.’ So that the next time you see any of these people you will purposely avoid interacting with them and continue the cycle of:

      People don’t like me - I feel self conscious and hurt - I avoid the people who I assumed were talking about me.

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