Building Self Esteem: How YOU Can Do It!

Building Self Esteem is an inside job. Simply put, self esteem is a reflection of what you think and how you feel about yourself.

It is not about your grades in school or the degrees you have, your relationships, your bank balance, the car you drive or your job title.

Positive self esteem is:

  • meeting life's challenges and not feeling victimized
  • taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions
  • making conscious choices to empower & love yourself

This site has many ways to approach this topic. Use our lesson plan or just scan the topics below. Our main focus is to provide you with information, activities and exercises that will build the positive self esteem neuro-pathway in your brain.

If you want to build positive self esteem you need to make choices in your thinking and doing that supports your strengths. Unfortunately, many of us do just the opposite. We make choices that criticize the way we do things.

Here are some quick tips for building self esteem.