Building High Self Esteem - What Is Your Relationship With Yourself?

The basis for building high self esteem is the relationship with yourself.

How you feel and treat yourself is where you start when you want to build high self esteem.

Answering these questions, will provide you with a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

  • Are you accepting or critically judgmental?

  • Are you forgiving or your bonded to old resentments?

  • Do you take responsibility for your experience or do you blame others?

Self Esteem Building Exercise:

Loving Yourself

1. Make a list of the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that nourish a loving relationship with yourself.

2. When you notice you are being critical, unforgiving and unloving toward yourself - use your list to re-direct your thoughts, words and actions.

3. What do you notice about your feelings when you are more loving toward yourself?

4. Use this affirmation through out the day: I love and honor myself in my thoughts, words and actions

Just as a muscle requires regular exercise to maintain it's strength and flexibility building high self esteem requires consistent regular practice. We recommend that you take time everyday to practice this activity until it is firmly planted in your mind.

Also take time to review our

Building High Self Esteem Lesson Plan and the many other self esteem building activites on this page.

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