Benefits of Meditation
for Self Esteem

There are many benefits of meditation, as well as numerous meditation techniques. Let's start by defining what meditation is and why is it important for self esteem.

What is Meditation and Why is it important?

Meditation is a practice to quiet your mind. By slowing down the mind's activity (your self-talk and obsessive thinking) you experience relaxation, inner peace, love and joy.

Many of us spend every waking hour either re-living a past wound or fearful about the future. The object of meditation is to focus your attention in the present moment and quiet the mind's chatter. When you learn to focus on the moment your misery, fears, suffering and insecurities are transformed.

To experience this peace of mind and well-being requires, patience and practice. To not think about the past or future can initially seem very difficult and boring. But by practicing meditation you create new brain pathways . And we assure you that the benefits of practicing meditation techniques are well worth the effort.

Spiritual teachers, throughout the ages have said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. This place of peace is considered to be heaven on earth. Once you connect to your personal experience of heaven on earth, all aspects of your life are transformed through the benefits of meditation, including your:

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