Tips for Setting Goals - Dreams and Vision

Your dreams or visions can become a reality by using these tips for setting goals and improving self esteem.

Do you have a dream or a vision for your life? Have you thought about what you want and how you can achieve it? To not have a vision, dream, or goal for yourself is like being on a boat with no destination in mind, drifting aimlessly wherever the wind and currents may take you.

Do spend time reacting to life as opposed to creating the life you want?

Setting goals for yourself puts you in control - you choose where you want to go in life.

You are responsible for your life

not your husband, not your parents, not your boss, not your friends. This recognition puts you in the driver's seat and automatically builds self esteem.

There are different types of goals. Life goals are general desires or larger dreams that you want to achieve during your lifetime, such as a fulfilling job, financial security, a beautiful home.

Where as measurable goals or specific action goals are the more time-specific events or the smaller ‘stepping stones’ that lead you towards your life goal. For example: You may desire to have a fulfilling job in an exciting field, but to reach this goal you must first receive the necessary schooling.

We encourage you to use the goal worksheets and exercises in this section to help you chart your course.

You must first decide on your life goals and then determine your smaller measurable or action goals.

Tips for Setting Goals: Here's the process:

    1. Identify your dreams, visions, or goals,

    2. Define smaller goals or steps that are part of the bigger picture.

    3. Take Action

    4. Evaluate and then Readjust

    5. Acknowledge Success -Toot Your Horn!

    You should have a strong desire for any goal you set for yourself and pursue it only because you are passionate about it and determined to see it through.

    Once you define your vision, imagine yourself where you want to be when you reach the goal you have set. Does it make you feel excited and energized or tired and overwhelmed? If you are not absolutely passionate about the goal, vision, or dream, then you will be easily discouraged and more likely to quit.

    Ask yourself, "If you could have it, would you take it?." If the answer is YES - Go for it.

    Tips for Setting Goals (Steps 3,4,5,) are continued on the next page.

    Also see Personal Goal Examples for additional help.

    Also see goal setting and your brain.

    Also see Goal Statement - Bringing Your Dream to Life

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