Goal Setting Tip - Create A Vision

Goal setting tip number one: Create a vision or mission statement for your life. Become the CEO of your life, know where you want to head and what you want to do to create a fulfilling life. Once you get clear on this, setting and achieving specific goals becomes easier because you know where you are headed.

There are a number of potent ways to do this, you may experiment with all of these and then notice the themes that are present in all of your responses:

  • Write your eulogy - what would you like to have said about you at the end of your life. This captures what is truly important to you and reflects your values and well as what you are passionate about.

  • Write a response to the question: Who would you be and what would do, in your life, if you knew you could not fail?

  • What is the “big dream” you have for your life? (Keep in mind, this is now how you will accomplish it, rather it is a description of what you describe as your “big dream.”

Remember: When you answer these questions to listen to your heart - this is not who you think you should be or what you think you should do. Your vision statement expresses your heartsong the promptings from your “still small voice within” and your inner knowing and mirrors your gifts, talents, skills and abilities.

We also recommend the goal setting/vision exercise on this page. This is the first in a series of goal setting lessons from the workbook: Sponsor Success : A Workbook For Turning Good Intentions Into Positive Results, which you can buy from our site.

More Goal Setting Tip(s)

Creating a vision is step one of the goal setting processes. Each one of the steps below brings you closer to success.

1. Identify your dreams, visions, or goals,

2. Define smaller goals or steps that are part of the bigger picture.

3. Take Action

4. Evaluate and then Readjust

5. Acknowledge Success - Toot Your Horn!

These steps are detailed in our goal setting section. See this section of our website for more Goal Setting Tip(s).

Success in life is built on persistent, consistent action, not just wishful thinking. You must take action, evaluate your course, and then make any necessary adjustments, this is what every successful CEO does.

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