Setting and Achieving Goal (s)
Building Success & Self Esteem

Setting and achieving goal(s)builds positive self esteem. You send a clear message to your brain that says I am person who is successful.

The interesting thing is the message that the brain gets is the same whether the goal is large or small. When you achieve a goal you are building the neuro-pathway that says to the brain I AM A SUCCESS and the more you tell your brain this, the more you build feelings of confidence and positive self esteem.

For example: if you set a goal to have healthy teeth and you brush and floss your teeth every night before you go to bed you give a message to your brain that says - I am success. This is the same message that you send the brain when you achieve a larger goal such as graduating college.

Setting and achieving goal(s) tips:

So if you have trouble setting and achieving your goals start out with small achievable goals. This will exercise your brain's achievement neuro-pathway and build up your goal achieving capability.

Research tells us that when we write down a goal we are more likely to achieve it. Written goals should be reviewed regularly.

Write goals using these tips:

1. Positive: State goals in positive rather than negative terms. ("I am a trim and fit person," rather than "I am no longer fat.")

2. Present Tense: State goals as though they are being realized right now, or have already been attained. (I am 145 pounds and feel great rather than I will lose 20 pounds in three months)

3. Personal: Goals must be about you, and under your control, not about someone else. (I am trim and fit rather than my husband and I are losing weight together)

4.Precise: Write goals in a manner that clearly describes what you intend to accomplish.

5. Possible; Goals should be realistic. Achieving them must be within the realm of possibility.

6. Powerful: Use words that convey action and emotion.

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