Personal Goal Examples:
Goal Statements

You are in charge of your destiny. Use these personal goal examples as guides to learn how to phrase and work with your goals. Working with goals sends a strong message to your brain that says "you are the builder of your life!"

Clearly articulate what you want, in the present tense, using positive words and then take responsibility for making it happen.

Personal Goal Examples:

  • I am in a loving relationship with someone who has time for me and is fun to be with.
  • I am happy with my body. I am healthy, trim and fit.
  • I love my work and get paid well.
  • I have stimulating, fun friends.
  • I have a loving relationship with my siblings.
  • I am making a contribution to the world.

  • How to work with these goals:

    1. Write your goal statements on an index card and look at them every morning and evening.

    2. Take time to imagine how it feels to have the goal. Learn why visualization improves your abilities.

    3. Create vision board and display images of these goals. Look at the pictures every day.

    4. Develop an "ACTION card" for each goal. Write each goal statement on the top of an index card and then write down what actions you can take to achieve the results you want.

    5. After you define your actions, asked yourself: "What stops me from taking these actions?" Write down the answers and then develop a strategy for overcoming your obstacles.

    6. At the end of each day, review your ACTION cards. Acknowledge the progress you have made. Take a moment and be proud! Looked at what worked and what didn't work, then make the necessary adjustments.

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    For more help on personal goal examples read our tips for setting goals.

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