Building Self Esteem
How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is a required condition for building self esteem, boosting self confidence and transforming low self esteem.

Loving yourself is not an indication of arrogance, vanity, narcissism or self-importance. Actually it is just the opposite, loving yourself is an expression of respect, appreciation and gratitude for the magnificent, creative and glorious human being you are.

Think about this: Have you ever experienced a sense of awe, delight and wonder in the presence of a newborn or infant. They are a bundle of love - bringing a smile to your face just by being in their presence.

They are filled with curiosity - as they discover their fingers and toes and then the world around them. You were once like this - whole in body-mind-spirit. Free of judgments about yourself. loving yourself.

Then as you began to grow up you learned, through your parents, teachers, friends, the media, etc. how to view yourself.

If your parents were abusive, physically or emotionally, you came to believe that there was something wrong with you. If the media portrayed beauty, intelligence and success in a particular way and you did not measure up to those limited standards you came to believe that you were not enough and your self esteem, diminished.

You were programmed to believe that you were unworthy of love, happiness and peace in your life. You were programmed to have low self esteem.

While low self esteem leaves you feeling victimized by the circumstances of your life and has you continuously judging and comparing yourself to other....there is good news. You can upgrade the software of your mind. You can build your self esteem, boost your self confidence and yes, Love Yourself.

The starting place is to create new brain pathways based on thoughts about yourself that support building self esteem and boosting self confidence.

Practice expanding your capacity for self love by completing our Self-Esteem-Experts Activities How to Love Yourself and Loving and Admiring Yourself.

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