Self Esteem Worksheets
I Admire Me

Instructions: Use our Self Esteem Worksheet-Love and Admire yourself to reinforce the positive self esteem neuro-pathways in your brain. This activity is designed to stimulate the brain so that you experience pride in yourself.

1. Print and Complete the I Admire Me Worksheet

2. Keep your completed Self Esteem Worksheet-Love and Admire Me handy. When you're feeling low self esteem, to boost your confidence read the Worksheet and be reminded of what you admire and love about yourself. Then notice your attitude change.

Love & Admire Me Worksheet - Sample Response

Part 1 - Choose a characteristic, quality, talent, skill or ability you admire in yourself and list specific situations in which you embodied that quality.

Here's an example:I admire my willingness to help others:

    Last Thursday I did grocery shopping for my Mom because she wasn't feeling well. I was happy to be able to help her.

    I took care of my neighbors' cats while she was out of town last week.

    I donated food to my local food pantry yesterday.

Print and Complete Self Esteem Worksheets I Admire Me

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