Choose to be Happy
Make the Choice

You can choose to be happy and confident.

Humans are decision making animals. From the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep you make choices. What to wear, what to eat, to floss or not you are making decisions, consciously and unconsciously, all the time.

However, people suffering with low self esteem often believe they have no choice in how they ultimately feel about themselves.

This is just not so!

You have the power to change your thoughts which will transform how you feel and behave - how you experience life.

The sooner you realize that you are responsible for your own happiness - no other person, material possession or external condition can make you happy or unhappy - the sooner you can consciously choose thoughts that support your positive self esteem and self confidence.

Choosing thoughts that support your well-being requires awareness of the thoughts you are thinking that detract from your feeling good about yourself.

The first step is to notice when you are being critical and judgmental of yourself. Then make the choice to strengthen your brain pathways that supports positive self esteem by choosing new thoughts and focusing your attention on them.

How do you create new thoughts? You make them up!

Every time you shift your thinking and choose to be happy, you upgrade the software of your mind. You send a clear message to your brain that says:

"I am in control of my happiness."
"I am a success!"

This does not mean that there won't be times when you are confronted with your fears of failure or success, or that you won't, on occasion, question your ability. What it does mean is that as soon as you notice you are feeling less than or not enough you will:

1. Be awake to your feelings.

2. Identify the thoughts that result in your feelings of low self esteem.(What are you telling yourself about the situation?)

3. Shift your attention to thoughts supporting positive self esteem.

Our Self-Esteem-Experts activities and worksheets give you
the tools and techniques to choose to be happy.

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