Benefits of Positive Thinking
Your Voice of Doubt

To experience the Benefits of Positive Thinking use this information and exercise:

Have you ever noticed that when you commit to generating positive thoughts you still hear the voice of doubt, fear and uncertainty running like an endless recording in your mind?

You boldly create an affirmation, "I focus my attention on a positive thoughts, words and actions." But, whenever you write it and say it you also hear other - powerful negative - affirmations in your mind: "Who are you kidding you’re so judgmental? This is too hard, what's positive about having more bills than I can pay? I just don't know how to do this."

Overlaying a positive thought on a belief that is at odds with the affirmation is not enough to upgrade the software of your mind. It’s like putting a bandage on a wound without first cleaning the wound and applying the appropriate medicine. You won’t see the wound directly, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exit.

To truly create a new brain pathway based on your positive thinking, you must free your heart and mind from your negative programming not merely cover it up with a new thought that you really don’t believe.

You may be wondering, Okay - how do I do this? Often installing positive thinking software begins with an awareness of your negative thinking. Here’s how it works:

Benefits of Positive Thinking Exercise

1. Identify something you are not happy about in your life right now (an unhappy relationship, being overweight, being unemployed, a strained relationship with a family member or friend, etc…)

2. Choose 1 item and create a positive thinking power statement that defines what you desire. (My relationship is a source of joy in my life. I love and honor my body, etc…)

3. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. One the left hand-side write your positive affirmation. On the right-hand side write the thoughts - whatever thoughts - pop into your mind in reaction to your affirmation.

Here’s an example:

I love, appreciate and care for my body /But I’m overweight
I love, appreciate and care for my body/I weigh too much
I love, appreciate and care for my body/I’m too lazy
I love, appreciate and care for my body /It’s too hard
I love, appreciate and care for my body/I don’t stick with healthy exercise and eating

4. Look for themes in the statements on the right side of the page. In the example above the themes include: a lack of confidence, concerns about this being too hard, doubt in success.

5. Take those themes and incorporate them into the positive thinking affirmation so it becomes:

I am easily successful in loving, appreciating and caring for my body.

I am supported as I effortlessly love, appreciate and care for my body in my thoughts, words and actions.

My thoughts, words and behavior reflect the love, appreciation and care I give to my body.

6. To further reinforce and tap into the true potency of your positive thinking affirmation, use the full resources of your imagination to create a visualization of your positive thinking affirmation accomplished.

For example:

I am wearing my beautiful new black dress at my birthday party. I hear my family and friends singing Happy Birthday to me. I feel confident, beautiful and healthy. I know how satisfying a small piece of my strawberry shortcake birthday cake tastes.

Visualizing greatly increases the benefits of positive thinking.

Visualize the scene of your positive thinking affirmative power statement fully accomplished - as though it is occurring right now - and you are feeling the feelings of associated with your heart’s desire.

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