Remove Negative Thoughts

You can remove negative thoughts with consistent regular practice. There are many techniques for taking control of your thoughts so you can promote positive self esteem

Susyn Reeve, is a trained counselor and co-founder of this site Self Esteem Experts.

In this video she discusses healthy self esteem and then shows us a technique for changing and removing negative thoughts.


When trying new ways of thinking it is not uncommon to doubt your abilities. If you have doubts, read this article Benefits of Positive Thinking Vs Your Voice of Doubt. It has another technique for removing negative thoughts.

Focusing on what is good and positive in your life can also shift your thinking. Positive thinking phrases are a potent tool to nourish your dreams, goals, and desires. The purpose of positive thinking phrases is to focus on the opportunity available in every situation rather than the problems and obstacles. Seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

If you're constantly telling yourself, "I can't," with great conviction, you will eventually believe it as truth. Replace these negative words with, "I do my best," or "I am learning how to __________." Read more about how to remove negative thoughts with positive phrases.

By changing your focus, you change your feelings. Our feelings are pure magnetic energy. They are constantly flowing from us every minute of the day. How you feel affects the magnetic vibration you are sending out and what you, then, attract to you. How you feel affects your vibration and what you attract to you. Read about the law of attraction .

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