Positive Thinking Phrases
Transform Your Attitude - Change Your Life

By Joan Breiner, M.Ed. & Susyn Reeve, M.Ed.

Positive thinking phrases are a potent tool creating brain pathways that nourish your dreams, goals, and desire. The purpose of positive thinking phrases is to focus on the opportunity available in every situation rather than the problems and obstacles. Seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

When you notice, become aware, that your habitual self talk is judgmental about what you say and do; or critical regarding what you didn't say or what you didn’t do, then you are on your way to upgrading the software of your mind – your thoughts, your programming, your attitude and ultimately your experience.

You can experience the present moment and view it with distaste, resistance and dissatisfaction or you can use it as a gateway to make choices that keep your thoughts, words and actions aligned with your dreams and goal. The only factor making you unhappy is your own thoughts. Relax, release them, let them go.

Here are some positive thinking phrases and positive thinking tips:

1. Change your self talk script. If you're constantly telling yourself, "I can't," with great conviction, you will eventually believe it as truth. Replace these negative words with, "I do my best," or "I am learning how to __________."

An affirmation is a useful tool to reinforce your focus on your goals, dreams and desires and boost your self esteem. An affirmation is a statement that clearly, directly and concisely declares your intention. Below are some positive affirmations you can use to change your self talk script:

  • I create my experience through my thoughts.

  • I deserve to be happy.

  • I am responsible for my life.

  • I have the power to change.

  • I make choices and decisions based on my goals and dreams.

  • I am flexible and open to change in every aspect of my life.

  • I choose to be gentle with myself.

  • I am open to miracles.

  • I am committed to transforming my life

  • I am pursuing a new way of thinking.

  • I choose to forgive so I can move on.

  • I am open to the magic of life.

  • I am leaving the past behind.

  • I am open to new possibilities.

  • I love and accept myself.

  • I am responsible for my happiness.

2. Forgive yourself. Constantly beating yourself up about things that have gone wrong won't change them. When you continually focus on past misery you deprive yourself of the opportunities and gifts available in the present moment.

Forgive yourself by remembering that at each and every moment we are all doing the very best we can based on our thinking, our programming at that moment. Then ask yourself: What can I learn from this and put to use?. Then, move on by focusing on the present.

3. Refocus your thoughts. Use a Pleasure List as a tool to refocus your thoughts. A Pleasure List is a simple list of the people, places, things and activities that when you think about them or do them your attitude changes, your mood is transformed and happiness is yours. Using your Pleasure List sends a powerful signal to your brain that says, "I deserve to be happy."

Some of the items on our Pleasure List are:

· Playing with my dog

· A walk on the beach

· A bubble bath

· Sunset over the water

· A walk in the woods

Learn more about creating a Pleasure List and download a

Pleasure List Worksheet .

Use our Self Esteem Lesson Plan for information on ways to create and use positive thinking phrases.

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