Harnessing the Power of
The Law of Attraction

The thing to understand about the Law of Attraction is whether you believe it or not, understand it or not, it is working right now in your life.

The law of attraction is about vibrating energy. Everything in this world is made up of atoms continuously vibrating at different speeds. It is a law of nature that every atom of your body is in constant motion whether you know it or not- we are constantly vibrating at an energetic frequency.

This energy is a magnetic attracting energy that vibrates at the same frequency. Think of a tuning fork. When you strike a tuning fork and another tuning fork, across the room, is calibrated to the same frequency it will automatically vibrate.

While it may be hard to notice your own energy, it is easier to spot someone else's energy or VIBRATION. Have you noticed that you get a negative feeling being around some people and a positive feeling from others. And depending on this feeling you either want to be around the person or you don’t

What makes one person vibrate differently than another?

The answer is simple: It is their energy – expressed as their mood, attitude, emotional state or feelings. All beings are either vibrating positive energy or negative energy.

When you are feeling angry, disappointed, sad, upset, distressed, confused, fearful, anxious or hurt – and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts, words and actions that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these painful feelings.

When you are feeling happy, excited, joyful, compassionate, kind and loving and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these satisfying, loving and happy feelings.

Our feelings are pure magnetic energy. They are constantly flowing from us every minute of the day. How you feel affects the magnetic vibration you are sending out and what you, consequently, attract to yourself.

Unintentional Attraction

Often people attract negative things in their life even though they think they are sending out a different vibration. How can this be? Here’s why:

When your subconscious mind hears the words don’t, no or avoid, it automatically focuses on whatever you instruct it not to think about.

For example: As you read this, don’t think about a pink elephant. If you are like most people you will immediately see an image of a pink elephant in your mind, even though the instruction was to not to think about it!

How can you apply this idea to your life?

If you want to lose weight, focusing on not being fat isn’t going to create the vibration you want. Instead, focusing on – envisioning and embodying your goal fulfilled – the benefits of how you look and feel as you gaze at yourself in the mirror, wearing clothes in a smaller size will produce feelings of excitement, happiness, satisfaction and joy. This produces the positive energetic vibrations that support your weight loss goal being fulfilled.

When you cultivate and nourish a state of gratitude and delighted anticipation for your desired result, you attract it toward you much faster.

The trick to The Law of Attraction is to notice what you are feeling – to use your feelings as your personal radar system – and decide whether or not your feelings are producing the vibration you want. If they aren’t then you must ask yourself, “What do I desire?” Listen to the answer and embody a vision of your desired result fully endowed with the feelings that represent your goal accomplished.

Watch and listen to the Kokomo Emotions Video and notice how your feelings – your vibration is affected!

Practice using the law of attraction with these techniques..

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