Women and Body Image

Body Image And Women - Thoughts, Ideas and Products that can change your life!

What do you think of when you hear the words "women and body image"?  If you are like me often feelings of inadequacy and poor self image come to mind. Unlike men, generally women lack confidence and pride when they think about their body image. 

There is no question that when you look good, you feel attractive and you feel better about yourself. Looking good has a direct correlation to how you feel and ultimately your body image and self esteem are boosted.  I see this over and over with my clients, When they know what makes them look good, their self esteem changes.

Women and body image - how do you really feel about yourself?

Let me be honest with you, when I used to think about the words "women and body image", I felt inadequate and insecure. I didn’t even have the confidence to go out into the world. Being a 6' 1" woman was difficult. I was always the tallest in my class and made fun of. Kids can be cruel and that affected my self image. I dreamed of being successful, but I felt unattractive and insecure.

Things seem to change when I discovered two products that changed how I felt about myself, they address the physical issues related to women and body image. The first is explained below and the other is about a weight product which we will address in another section.

Plenty of people on TV or online urge you to accept yourself.

“Just be you!”

“Love your looks as they are!”

“Be comfortable in your own skin!”

 But there’s a catch. They never really explain HOW you can do that.

 Good news. Now there is a practical way to learn how to appreciate (and love!) your own natural beauty by discovering one thing about yourself:

 Which of the 4 Types of beauty do you express?

 There are 4 distinct Types of beauty:

·         Bright, animated Type 1 Beauty

·         Subtle, soft Type 2 Beauty

·         Rich, dynamic Type 3 Beauty

·         Bold, striking Type 4 Beauty

 It’s a fascinating concept taught by Carol Tuttle, creator of Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth.

Here’s how it works: Your natural beauty shows up everywhere—not just in your facial features or body profile, but also in your thought process, feelings and emotional tendencies and your personality.

Your outer and inner beauty really are connected, after all!

 When you discover your Type of beauty, you feel more beautiful—inside and out.

 And when you feel more beautiful, you also feel more confidence and your self-esteem gets an immediate boost!

You see, women have different “Types” of beauty, but the fashion system doesn’t honor the true beauty of real women.

The fashion industry follows a system of styles and trends that don’t work for every Type of beauty. So instead, women like us are left thinking that we are flawed.

But really, it’s the fashion system that’s flawed. Not you.

With the Dressing Your Truth course you’ll learn how to express your true beauty so you can see how your so-called “flaws” might actually be your best features.

 When you are dressing your truth, your outer appearance is in alignment with your true inner nature.

 That way, when people meet you, they get an accurate sense of who you really are before they even speak to you! (And they learn to appreciate you for who you are, too.)

 But only 4 Types of beauty? Isn’t everyone unique? Does that put people in a box?

These are questions we had, too. However, Carol teaches that the 4 Types of beauty are not categories you have to fit into. Rather they are descriptions of your natural features and the tendencies you already have. (And she has an even more thorough explanation in these free videos.)

 We just have to say, it’s worth it to head over there to check it out.

 Discover which of the 4 Types of beauty you express here.