Exchanging positive Affirmations

by Paulette Carter
(Chicago, Illinois)

Affirmations can address negative thinking a common feature of struggles with one's self esteem.

A list of common affirmations is distributed. Patients can partner up. Patients can take 2 or 3 affirmations that apply to him or herself. Staff can exchange affirmations with the patients if there is an odd number of patients. Patients will exchange affirmations with each other. In front of the group, each person reads the partners affirmation to that person in an clear and emphatic voice. Staff will read the affirmation of their partner aloud, if there is an odd number of patients, to him or her in the presence of the group.

After the reading of affirmation ask each person to share how they felt as their partner was reading the affirmations chosen for him or herself. People in the group can share what came to their mind when their partner read the affirmation to him or her.

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