Writing a weekly list of "Gratitude, Compliments and Achievements"

by Jackie Jones
(Ontario, Canada)

Growing up in fear from an abusive family member; and the stress of being responsible as the eldest of eight siblings - the result was years of torment resulting from very low self-esteem.
This has been a huge issue for the better part of my life. Thankfully, there are many books and on-line resources, such as www.self-esteem-experts.com that you will benefit from, if you just realize you are worth the time and effort, to investigate. The challenge of boosting one's self-esteem can seem like a never ending struggle, however, there are many ways to boost your own level of self-esteem which do actually work. I would like to share my very favorite technique and invite you to give it a try!

Each week I begin a list with three headings.

Gratitude Compliments Achievements

Each day I think of something I have to be grateful for and write it on my list under the heading: Gratitude
Everyone has something to be grateful for, so this one is very easy to do. It could as simple as being grateful that you have matching socks!

When someone pays me a compliment, I write it on my list under the heading: Compliments
Remember to compliment yourself and add that to your list! You are beautiful just the way you are!

You may say that Achievements is a tough one to list each day and I thought about that before I included it as a heading...
I think very clearly all the way back to when I was a little girl and received my first Brownie badge!
For some people it may be an achievement to just begin a self-esteem list and stick to it!
Accept yourself. Do not judge yourself. You are special in all your achievements, no matter how trivial they may seem at the time.

Each day be consistent and add to your list in each category. At the end of your very first week take a few minutes and really concentrate on your Self-Esteem List.
At the end of each month you'll have four lists and at the end of six months you'll have twenty four lists that YOU created to Boost Your Own Self-Esteem!
Look at you! Love YOU! Be proud of YOU!
You are AMAZING!

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Mar 06, 2015
by: warner

That was a great story and so much inspiring for all persons abused from the family in the world. That was so much inspiring. Thank you so much madam. I am so much positive about my life after reading your article thanks a lot madam.

Jul 24, 2011
Appreciation for comments
by: Jackie Jones

Thank you for your wonderful comments below.
It feels great to know we can all make a difference and inspire each other.
Love Jackie

Jul 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you Jackie for sharing your "Lists" as a way of helping people with self-esteem issues. I think this is a great suggestion, because you can actually experience the progress that is made.

Sometimes when I get down in the dumps or am feeling Self Pity, I get out a pen and paper and make a gratitude list. It works every time.

All our troubles are in our thought process. If we dwell on the problem, the problem increases, if we dwell on the solution, the solution increases.

The Brain is very powerful. We just need some help on how to retrain the brain. When we are children we are like little computers, constantly being programed. Unfortunately, not all programs are support our healthy self esteem. But they stay in the memory bank until we reprogram them or crash..... Like a Anti-Virus tool.

Nobody is beyond help. With God's help and practicing some new behaviors....Miracles happen everyday. We are all beautiful..God doesn't make Garbage!

May 19, 2011
Awesome idea!!!
by: Virginia

Thank you for sharing such a great self-esteem buster practice. I love it and it has help me a lot. You are truly an inspiration!!!

Aug 09, 2010
Amazing Woman
by: Lynn

Jackie you are truly amazing woman!
Small steps and we all reach our goals.
You are an inspiration.

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