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1. How I feel about myself depends on what others think of me:

Since high self esteem is based on what you think and how you feel about yourself, when it is dependent on the opinions of others, you feel as though you're on a self esteem roller coaster - feeling good about yourself when people agree with or compliment you and then headed for a valley of depression when someone disagrees with or withholds recognition.

Positive self esteem is an inside job. Using our self esteem activities and worksheets help you to tap into your strengths.

See Self Esteem Activities for more information.

2. When I am criticized I berate myself for being stupid.

Criticism is simply an opinion, a point of view. Berating yourself or automatically believing someone's criticism is self abuse. There may be times you wish you’d taken a different action, but to obsess and judge yourself nourishes thoughts that result in emotional pain and misery.

As soon as you notice you are criticizing yourself:

    1. Acknowledge yourself for your awareness.
    2. Focus your attention on a new thought supporting positive self esteem.

The Pleasure List Activity is an excellent place to begin.

3. I easily ask for and accept help from others:.

There’s a common belief that asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is based on the assumption that, I’m a strong/better person when I do it myself. While a sense of competence and satisfaction can be experienced when you accomplish something, it is a courageous demonstration of high self esteem when you know you need help, ask for it and then receive it graciously.

Contact Us for information about Self-Esteem-Experts Coaching.

4. I easily accept compliments:

People desire recognition. At the same time they are uncomfortable or embarrassed when given compliments. For instance, someone compliments you for a job well done and your response is, “It was nothing.” Or someone admires your new hair cut and you say, “I think it’s too short.” In these examples you are failing to receive the compliment and discounting the recognition being offered.

When you have positive self esteem you accept compliments with a simple, “Thank You,” and you allow yourself the good feelings that come with recognition. Begin by recognizing what your skills, talents, gifts and abilities. are good at.

Complete our Toot Your Horn! Activity

5. When I look in the mirror, I see flaws in my appearance. .

What you think and how you feel about your appearance is a reflection of your self esteem. When you look in the mirror and your eyes immediately focus on your flaws you are reinforcing brain pathways that diminish your self-esteem.

While few of us actually measure up to the images of beauty fed to us by the media it is crucial for positive self esteem to acknowledge your beauty. When you look in the mirror, direct your eyes to see the gifts of your reflection.

Read Loving Yourself and complete the suggested activities.

6. I make time in my schedule for activities that support my health and well being.

Self confidence and positive self esteem flourish when you make time for activities that support health and well-being.

    - Do you schedule time for this?
    - Does something or someone else, you decide is more important, repeatedly interfere?

The safety announcement on an airplane includes a statement something like, “In the unlikely event you need oxygen, if you are traveling with a small child, first put on your oxygen mask . . .” This message applies in building your self esteem, as well. You must make the time to respect yourself by nourishing your health and well-being.

The Pleasure List Activity identifies what makes you feel good.

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