Self Esteem Activities
Toot Your Horn

Instructions: Use our Self Esteem Activities: Toot Your Horn Worksheet to boost confidence by exploring and identifying what makes your feel good. Regular reminders of these, creates new brain pathways and strengthens your self esteem muscle.

    1. Print it and complete the statements. If you cannot answer an item, don't worry - simply complete what you can.

    2. Keep your completed self esteem Worksheets handy. The next time you're feeling low self esteem and need a self esteem boost read your Toot Your Horn worksheet and be reminded of your natural resources and personal power.

Toot Your Horn Worksheet - Sample Statements

1. I like myself because:

2. I'm an expert at:

3. I feel good about:

4. My friends would tell you I have a great:

5. My favorite place is:

Print and Complete Your Toot Your Horn Worksheet

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