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Below are the answers for our Quiz for Self Esteem Questions 7 - 15

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7. I am uncomfortable expressing my opinion and feelings in my personal relationships:

Personal relationships offer clear evidence of your feelings about yourself. If you are fearful and anxious about expressing your opinions and feelings then you are either:

    - Judging them as unacceptable, or
    - Worried about the reaction of others.

Your willingness to express your authentic opinions and feelings, without, judgments, blame or expectations is evidence of healthy self esteem. While you may feel uncomfortable expressing yourself, do it anyway!

Use our Self Esteem Activities to boost your confidence.

8. I am anxious to admit when I don't know or understand something:

Feeling stupid, admitting that there is something you don’t understand, often results in shame, embarrassment and low-self esteem. When you equate your self worth with what you know and understand, it may be detrimental to your self confidence.

For instance: a friend asks you if you’ve read a particular book, seen a movie and you say “Yes,” thinking that your friend would think less of you if you hadn’t read the book or seen the movie.

Actually saying what is: “I didn’t read that book,” or “I don’t understand what that movies was about,” reflects healthy self confidence. You are not a better or worse person based on what you’ve read, what you know, or what you understand.

A regular Meditation Practice enhances self confidence and clarity.

9. In a restaurant, when I receive food that doesn't match my order, I say nothing and eat it anyway:

The ability to assert ourselves – without malice or anger – is a powerful expression of positive self esteem. People with low self esteem take things personally, feeling victimized, when they are given the wrong order. They may feel angry and use this situation as proof that, “nobody pays attention to what I say.” Yet, in this situation it is you who is not honoring what you want by failing to express the error or misunderstanding.

Choose your actions based on the situation not upon fear of expressing yourself or feelings of inadequacy.

Improve your confidence by completing our Self Esteem Activities.

10. I believe that I am confident and value myself:

Since self esteem is a direct reflection of what you think and feel about yourself if you are confident and value yourself you will naturally experience healthy self esteem.

If you frequently berate, judge and abuse yourself in your thoughts, words and actions it is time to become aware of your dominant thought patterns and create – make-up – new thoughts.

Review how the brain works and then the information about how to love yourself.

11. I openly express my opinions at work:

The confidence to state your opinions, clearly and directly, reflects positive self esteem. Lacking this confidence you fail to express yourself, judging your point of view or the reaction you anticipate from others before you speak. Or you may express your opinion but clothe it with qualifications – for example, “You may not think this is a good idea, but…” or “This may sound stupid to you, but…” In these examples you are judging and discounting your opinion.

Allow yourself the freedom to express your opinions – sometimes others will agree and sometimes they won’t, either way you have strengthened your positive self esteem and confidence.

Use our Toot Your Horn Activity to boost your self esteem.

12. I envy others: Envy is a positive self esteem killer. It’s based on a belief that what someone else is/has/does is better than what you are/have/do. Envy reinforces I am not enough.

While a momentary feeling of envy can awaken you to your desires and goals a perpetual experience of envy and its’ sister jealousy always results in misery.

Rather than nourishing envy:

    1. Acknowledge what you are grateful for.
    2. Allow yourself to articulate your dreams.
    3. Create thoughts and take actions to support the fulfillment of your desires.

A support group is a valuable resource to keep you focused on accomplishing your dreams and reminding you of your personal power.

Contact Us for information about support groups.

13. I believe my life would be better if I were more attractive:

Healthy self esteem is dependent upon accepting yourself. When your happiness is dependent on your attractiveness, in all likelihood you will never be happy for very long, if at all.

Remember: Your self esteem is a direct reflection of the thoughts and feeling you have about yourself. If you believe that your life would be better if you were more attractive – and you believe that right now you are not attractive, then a better life will be out of reach for you.

Focus on thoughts that support the life you desire to create new Brain Pathways.

14. No matter what I do, I always find something wrong with the result:

The thoughts you have about what you do reveal what you think and feel about yourself – your self esteem. When you always find fault with what you do you are actually abusing yourself.

Remember: At each and every moment you are doing the very best you can based upon your thinking at that particular moment. To transform self criticism, start acknowledging your accomplishments and successes.

Our Admire Me Activity is a great way to get started.

15. I believe I will never really be happy:

This is a self fulfilling prophecy. Napoleon Hill said, “If you can conceive it, and believe it, then you can achieve it.” This quote applies to all beliefs – whether based on thoughts that boost or diminish your self esteem.

You are the creator of your experience based upon what you think. The creative process is the same for all things and includes the following components:

    - A thought
    - Charged with emotional energy
    - Spoken with authority (you are the author)
    - Acted on with conviction - faith in the thought

A Meditation Practice is a direct method to deepening your peace and happiness. We recommend practicing meditation three or four times a week.

Complete our Self Confidence Activity to expand your happiness.

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