7 Low Self Esteem Signs

Do you have these signs?

Awareness of  low self esteem signs is a personal self esteem assessment that opens the door to overcoming low self esteem . 

Healthy self esteem is the foundation for feeling successful and happy.  Unfortunately, self esteem cannot be given to you by anyone else but you.  One of the first steps in being a happier you is to determine your current level of self esteem.  Most people aren't sure how to do this and you can't measure self esteem simply by looking at someone.  So how do you determine your level of self esteem?  By knowing the signs of low self esteem.

7 major low self esteem signs are:

  1. Can You Handle Praise?  If you have chronic difficulty accepting praise you may be suffering from low self esteem.  If you have a cultural aversion to accepting praise, this may not be a signal that you have low self esteem.  However, the easiest way to being to accept praise is by saying "Thank you," and allowing yourself to experience the appreciation.
  2. Do You Put People Down?  If you engage in gossip and are continually criticizing and judging others you are demonstrating a low self esteem sign.  Signs like this mean you are willing to "lower" others in order to elevate yourself.  People with healthy self esteem rarely engage in this behavior; they understand that at each and every moment everyone is doing the very best they can based on their thinking, at that time.
  3. Are You Controlling?  If you desperately attempt to control others, your are probably with a serious case of low self esteem.  When you have high self esteem, you seek to empower others.  If yo have issues with self esteem, fear and anxiety can make you feel the need to control others.
  4. Do You Have Problems Saying No?  One of the biggest low self esteem signs is having a hard time saying, "No."  Saying, "Yes" when you don't really want to is a symptom of being a people pleaser.  To improve this sign of unhealthy self esteem, check in with yourself before you say, "Yes," or "No" and then give an authentic response.
  5. Are You Indecisive?  The importance of self esteem, in a willingness to express yourself clearly and directly, comes into play when decisions must be made.  If you usually avoid making decisions, you might be:  a) unwilling to take responsibility if there is a problem with the choice made; b) devaluing your own wishes to defer to the wants of others to avoid conflict at all cost; and c) unsure of the appropriate choice.  Apart from not knowing what to do, a & b are red-flags for low self esteem.  People with healthy self esteem make decisions and understand the value of the opinions of others.
  6. Do You Blame Others?  If you have an inability to accept responsibility, your self esteem is most likely suffering.  If you have a tendency to blame others and continually defend yourself by relinquishing responsibility you become a victim to circumstances.  A healthy self esteem sign is to accept responsibility for error or misunderstandings without pointing a finger at others.
  7. Are Your Overly Apologetic?  Low self esteem signs like apologizing profusely, when you are not at fault is a sign to pay attention to.  If you don't feel good about yourself you may feel that everything is your fault.

The importance of healthy self esteem cannot be overestimated.  While these 7 signs are powerful indicators of unhealthy self esteem, there are other signs, as well.  Low self esteem can negatively affect all areas of your  life -- your relationships, health, work, sexuality, finances, spirituality and happiness.  Use our Self Esteem Quiz and Self Esteem Worksheets to start to transform your low self esteem signs today.

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