Summer Camp Troubled Teens
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Need Summer Camp Troubled Teens Information? Check out our list below and make sure you speak with the program director. See our list of questions to ask.

Depending on the specific needs and interests of your teen, parents may enroll their teen in a program away from home or locally within the community.

There are numerous summer camps that range from the traditional to the alternative for helping troubled teenagers. There are lots of professional behavior modification schools, boot camps, boarding schools, residential treatment centers, therapeutic programs, military camps, and wilderness camps present in United States that are dedicated to support the lives of troubled teens.

Whatever you decide, camps can provide life changing experiences for your teen.

This list of websites can help you find information about Summer Camp for Troubled Teens. (These links will open a new window in your browser)

Camp Directories

National Youth Camps


Summer Camp Troubled Teens

Wilderness Programs

Teen Summer Camps

Allen's Guide to Summer Camps and Travel Programs

Specific Teen Programs

Outward Bound

Adirondack Leadership Programs

Discovery Ranch

Resolution Ranch

Before enrolling your teen in a program, parents should speak with the program director and ask the following questions:

  • What is the philosophy of the program- does it fit your teen’s needs?

  • What is the staff to youth ratio?

  • What are the staffs’ experiences and skills?

  • What are the specific life skills that you will be teaching my teen?

  • What does a typical day look like?

  • How does this program develop my teen’s strengths?

  • How will this program prepare my teen to make good decisions for himself?

  • How will this program increase my teen’s self esteem?

  • Tell me what the staff does to connect with teens in the program?

  • How much structure and accountability does the program have?

  • How does the program develop leadership and independence?

  • What kind of financial aid does the program offer?

  • Is the environment safe and stimulating?

    Whenever possible visit the program before enrolling-You should feel safe and secure. Be certain that the program is well matched to your teen’s needs, interests, and abilities.

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