Self Esteem Activities
I Admire Me

Please the Importance of Loving Yourself prior to doing the exercise below.

Instructions: Use our Self Esteem Activities: I Admire Me Worksheet to reinforce the positive self esteem neuro-pathways in your brain.

1. Print and Complete The I Admire Me Worksheet
2. Keep your completed Self Esteem Worksheet handy. When you're feeling low self esteem, to boost your confidence read your I Admire Me Worksheet and be reminded of what you admire and love about yourself. Then notice your attitude change.

I Admire Me Worksheet - Sample Response

Part 1 - Choose a characteristic, quality, talent, skill or ability you admire in yourself and list specific situations in which you embodied that quality.

Here's an example: I admire my willingness to help others:

    Last Thursday I did grocery shopping for my Mom because she wasn't feeling well. I was happy to be able to help her.

    I took care of my neighbors' cats while she was out of town last week.

    I donated food to my local food pantry yesterday.

Print and Complete Your I Admire Me Worksheet.

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