Power of Subconscious Mind Ebook

In the Power of Subconscious Mind Ebook you will learn about a powerful tool, NLP (Neuro-linguistics Programming) to access the power of your mind.

The first thing we want you to know in the Power of Subconscious Mind Ebook is that our minds have two very distinct, yet interconnected parts: the conscious/waking mind and the subconscious mind. Many books use the term “halves” to describe these two because it’s easier to imagine them as two equal, neatly divided parts of a whole.

In reality, the conscious mind accounts for only 15-20% of the whole. The rest of your mind (around 80% or more) is actually your subconscious mind.

No need to panic!

 “Subconscious” does not mean “unconscious” or “unaware.” Your subconscious mind also doesn’t cause of common mental lapses like forgetting someone’s name or committing math mistakes.

 The subconscious mind is actually the crown jewel of the human mind. It’s like a massive castle filled with doors, archways, gardens and endless rooms.

 The subconscious mind represents you, dependably recorded and stored away by your brain.

This part of your mind is much larger and substantial than the conscious/waking part because it is:

  •  The seat of all your emotions
  • The depository of all memories and life experiences
  • An organic learning engine
  • The center of your lifestyle, beliefs, habits and morality
  • The source of your imagination
  • The center of dreaming

What does our waking consciousness do?

 While it is true that the conscious mind occupies only a small percentage of the whole, it is no less important because it carries out the following vital tasks:

  •  Logic/rationalism
  • Accepting/rejecting concepts and ideas
  • Encoding of new knowledge or information
  • Making decisions
  • Taking action
  • Verbal language (spoken word)
  • Evaluating stimuli, events, situation and people

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