Low Self Esteem Test
A Self Guided Tour 

There are no wrong answers in this low self esteem test.

.Each question of this low self esteem test is designed to simply gauge where your level of self-esteem is. More important than your response to the questions is the time you spend reading the "Self-Esteem Enhancers," seen to the right of each question. This questionnaire was created by the National Association for Self Esteem.


  • 1. When you make a mistake do you tend to…

    a. Feel ashamed and embarrassed.

    b. Who me? I never make mistakes. But if I did make one, I would immediately correct it and hope no one was watching.

    c. I have no fear owning up to it in public, and I am open to receiving help from others in fixing it.


It is quite "normal," and human, to not enjoy making mistakes! That is why we often feel embarrassed, deny their existence, and/or blame others for our errors. We believe that the best way is to admit your mistakes, learn from them and take corrective action. After all, a mistake is a mistake - no more, no less

  • 2. On average, when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you believe you see? 

    a. Someone who is attractive and confident. 

    b. Someone who is average and often unsure about what to do in life. 

    c. Someone who is ugly and insecure.

We live in a society that emphasizes glamour and sex appeal. That is why most of us strive to achieve external beauty, but oftentimes we lose our uniqueness in the process. If we can accept the things we'd like to change without badmouthing or beating up on ourselves, we've come a long way toward self-acceptance.

  • 3. When you are dealing with a problem in your life what do you tend to do? 

    a. Blame everyone or anything that I think caused the situation. It's rarely my fault. 

    b. I complain and vent to anyone willing to listen but rarely address my personal responsibility for the issue. 

    c. Take responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions because if I take ownership I am not a victim to the situation.

Taking responsibility for your own thoughts, words, and actions is more easily said than done. However, we believe the quality of your wellbeing is directly proportional to how much self-responsibility you are willing to take. When we blame others or outside events for our position or condition in life we lock ourselves into a prison of pain. There truly is freedom in taking ownership for how we respond to what happens to us in life.

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We also suggest that you take some time and fill out the Self Esteem Quiz that is tied to our activities list and lessons.   This is designed to help you build positive self esteem in specific areas.