Importance of Self Esteem
for Women

What is the particular importance of self esteem for women?  Without experiencing high self esteem it is very hard to be authentic and experience on-going happiness.  You'll be more likely to conform to what others impose on you.  And especially for women self esteem is crucial to stay true to ourselves.  When you are not living life true to yourself, you won't be following your heart and living a life of passion and purpose.

The importance of self esteem is clear, how you think and feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life.  Your success in every area of your life depends on your capacity to value yourself and acknowledge and embody your self worth.

A few areas significantly impacted by women self esteem are:

  1. The Way You View the World is Affected by Your Self Esteem:  Your beliefs about yourself, are  a filter - a pair of glasses -  through which you see the world.  Without healthy self esteem, your self confidence will falter.  You will experiences most circumstances as though they are more than you can handle and you will not be nurturing positive sense of self worth.  Since you become what you believe about yourself your ability to grow and develop depends on your having a healthy level of self esteem that nourishes your experience of self worth.
  2. Self Esteem, Choice and Goals are Intertwined:  Your choices are directly affected by your self esteem level.  If you don't believe you can handle situations and opportunities, you won't master life's challenges and allow yourself to set goals that are a reflection of your dreams.  You will choose safety over adventure and won't have the opportunity to learn and grow from successes and failures.
  3. Positive Self Esteem is Necessary for Healthy Relationships:  Relationships with others are negatively affected by low self esteem.  Unsatisfying relationships - including abusive relationships - are low self esteem signs.  You may choose to remain in relationships that reinforce your low self esteem and not pursue relationships where you are valued and appreciated.  The importance of self esteem is crucial in all realtionships - with family  members, lovers, friends, co-workers.
  4. Self Esteem Impacts Health & Wellness:  Low self esteem can actually lead to poor health.  If you don't develop and nurture healthy levels of self esteem, you will less apt to take care of yourself - body, mind and spirit.  This can lead to stress, depression, dis-ease and illness.  One of the best ways to experience greater well-being is to nourish a positive outlook about your self and life.

For women self esteem issues are important.  Healthy self esteem is necessary for a good quality of life. The importance of self esteem cannot be taken for granted.  Use our Self Esteem Lesson Plan and free Self Esteem Worksheet to cultivate vibrant self esteem now.

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