Self Esteem Tips
How to Love Yourself

Self Esteem Tips:

Stop Criticizing Yourself
Start Acknowledging Yourself

Criticizing and judging yourself with statements like: "I'm stupid" or "I never do anything right" is destructive to healthy self esteem. If you have low self esteem, criticizing and judging yourself is an automatic response reflected in your daily self talk and nourishing deep rooted brain pathways. Make a conscious choice to become aware of the judgments and criticisms you direct at yourself. When you catch yourself being judgmental, acknowledge yourself for noticing and say, "Ooops," aloud or to yourself and then focus your attention on a new thought that supports healthy self esteem. Use one of our Awesome Self Esteem Affirmations or make up one of your own.

Self-Esteem-Experts Awesome Affirmations

I am a precious human being.

I easily choose where I focus my attention.

I have a healthy opinion of myself.

I am kind, respectful and loving toward myself in my thoughts words and actions.

I treat myself with consideration and respect.

I am loved and loving.

My personal Awesome Self Esteem Affirmation is:

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