Applying the Law of Attraction

My husband meanwhile, was participating in a meeting with his local BNI (Business Network International) chapter. Each week a participant would bring an item or service to be used for a draw. That week it was the interior designer, who brought beautiful down filled king sized pillows. Guess who won them?! That's right, my husband!

He brought them home and light heartedly told me the story about winning these fluffy pillows. I laughed! I mentioned how I had just thought about wanting some new pillows earlier that day. And they were even better than the ones I thought we could use in the room. To this day, almost 10 years later, I still laugh when I fluff these beauties as I toss them on the bed. Covered in beautiful shams, they make the bed.

I hope this little story shows just how simple and easy the Law of Attraction can be to use.

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