Goal Statement
Bringing Your Dream to Life

Creating a clear, concise and inspiring goal statement is a crucial initial step to bring your dream to life. Napoleon Hill, author of the classic, Think and Grow Rich said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Your dream is the “big picture” the vision reflecting what you desire. A goal is a smaller expression of your vision. Too often we jump into writing a goal without truly having a clear vision for our life. Each goal statement should have the following components:

  • Be written in the present tense. (Writing in the present tense, generates a strong, Yes I can feeling, since the words are inviting you to imagine your goal is already accomplished. If you notice you are questioning your ability to accomplish your goal, include the words easily, confidently and effortlessly in your statement. See our examples below.)

  • Be expressed as the result you desire - not what you don’t want.

  • A specific deadline.

  • Words that allow you to feel the feelings, in the present moment, of your goal accomplished. (This is the secret of the Law of Attraction, embodying the feelings of your goal accomplished before you actually see it in your physical experience. This is faith in action.)
  • By January _____, I easily have a date night with my husband/wife/partner once a week.

  • By (date) _____, I am confidently in a romantic relationship that is loving, supportive and fulfilling.

  • By (date) _____, I have dinner with my family 5 days per week.

  • By (date) _____, I easily have a 20 minute daily mediation practice.

  • By (date) _____, I am a Literacy Volunteer for 3 hours a month at my local library.

  • By (date) _____, I have effortlessly written a proposal for my new book.

  • By (date) _____, I have spoken with my boss and we’ve agreed that I can work out of my home one day per week.

  • By (date) _____, I have completed a course in computer literacy.

With a clear goal statement you are ready to take action and acknowledge your accomplishments along the way. This is how you cultivate your “big dream” in your daily life. Begin now, articulate your vision for your life and set your goals to paper - then take action!

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