Self Esteem Activities
Discover Your Beliefs

Instructions: Use our Self Esteem Activities: What I Believe Worksheet to explore your beliefs about yourself that you learned at an early age from the influential people in your life. Then identify which beliefs support or hinder you from feeling good about yourself.

    1. Read How Baby Elephants Are Trained

    2. Print and Complete the What I Believe Worksheet to identify your beliefs.

    3. Keep your completed Self Esteem Worksheet handy. The next time you are feeling low self esteem, unhappy or are judging yourself harshly read your What I Believe Worksheet and identify the beliefs that detract from positive self esteem and then create a new belief to boost self confidence. Then notice your attitude change.
What I Believe Worksheet - Sample Responses

1. Write the beliefs you learned about yourself when you were young from your:

    Mother: You never do anything right. You'd look better if you lost a few pounds.

    Father: Whatever you want to do is okay with me. I know you love to paint but you have to be practical when you choose your major in college.

    Siblings: You're Mom's favorite, I don't like you. You're no fun.

2. Which of these messages continue to dominate your thoughts today? Things don't work out for me. I'm fat.

3. Do these messages support or detract from your happiness, satisfaction or confidence? Yes

Print and Complete Your What I Believe Worksheet

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